Saturday, July 16, 2016

Show Cachets & Cancels @ World Stamp Show 2016

United States Postal Service and India Post provided special cancels for each day of the World Stamp Show 2016 in New York. USPS cancels were used by American Philatelic Society to prepare official show covers. India Post on the other hand sold two covers with one special cancel for each day of the show.

India Post cancels and covers were either based on the official theme days or with themes of the stamps released by USPS. The official theme day was used for two of the eight days of the stamp show and cancels/covers for the remaining six days was based on the theme of the stamps released by USPS. The themes listed below were used by India Post (days where official theme day was not used are highlighted in blue). One additional generic cover and two cancels were also provided throughout the duration of the show. Each cover was priced at $5, with a pack of 18 covers at $90.

28 May 2016 - International Day of United Nations Peacekeepers (The World of Stamps Day)
29 May 2016 - Learning Never Ends Day
30 May 2016 - Honoring Etraordinary Heroism (Armed Forces Day)
31 May 2016 - View of Our Planets, Pluto Explored (Science Meets Stamps Day)
01 Jun 2016 - Classics Forever (U. S. Stamp Day)
02 Jun 2016 - National Parks (Beautiful Americas Day & United Nation Day)
03 Jun 2016 - Colorful Celebrations (Children of the World Day)
04 Jun 2016 - Topical Collecting Day
Special Cachets and Cancels from India Post.
USPS and APS on other hand provided a cachet and a cancel for all eight days of the show. Each of these were based on the official theme days, which are listed below. APS also produced a generic cover with Lady Liberty cachet. Each serviced cachet was priced at $3 and the generic cachet at $2, with the entire set of 9 totaling to $26.

28 May 2016 - The World of Stamps Day
29 May 2016 - Learning Never Ends Day
30 May 2016 - Armed Forces Day
31 May 2016 - Science Meets Stamps Day
01 Jun 2016 - U. S. Stamp Day
02 Jun 2016 - Beautiful Americas Day & United Nation Day
03 Jun 2016 -  Children of the World Day
04 Jun 2016 - Topical Collecting Day
Generic Cachet made by APS for NY2016 World Stamp Show.
Official Show Souvenirs made by APS -  Eight Theme Days, Eight Cachets and Cancels.

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