Sunday, September 18, 2016

India Post 2016 - Stamp Releases & Designers (Archived)


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Update (19 Jan 2017): Here's the final update for stamps issued by India Post in 2016. This update was slightly delayed because details for many of the stamps released in late-December was still unavailable. All attempt has been made to provide accurate information, but drop a message if there are any errors or if you have any questions. The issues highlighted in yellow have relatively low print runs and it is suggested that collectors attempt to buy these and keep in their collection.
Update (17 Dec 2016): An update will be posted either in the last week of December or at the beginning of January 2017. Given that some pending issues for 2016 are yet to be released and India Post has not provided any information on the issue dates for the remainder for the stamps, it is difficult to provide accurate information.

Update (18 Sep 2016): Here's another update including India Post's stamp releases from  January to August 2016. There will likely be a barrage of stamps released in the last quarter, so keep checking the blog and our tweets to stay updated. It's been an interesting year for philately, to say the least. On a positive note, very few personality stamps were released while picking up some old stamp series like Orchids. On the other hand, limited release of stamp sheetlets and high denomination stamps have struck the wrong chord with a majority of the philatelists. Let's hope these issues get addressed soon. Until then, keep collecting.
Update (16 Jul 2016): Updating stamp releases for the first two quarters of 2016 covering January to June 2016. 
Update (07 May 2016): Updated stamp releases from January to April 2016.
Here's the list of stamp issues from January to March 2016. New additions will be made close to the end of each month. Enjoy.

O. P. Jindal stamp scheduled for release in March 2016 has been postponed.


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  2. More than 90% of your 'visitors' will not realize that the pages
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  3. You certainly CAN remove the updates dated
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  4. Sanjeev Suri: Thanks for the comments. A note for larger images by clicking will be added soon. Previous versions of the stamp programs are being kept for transparent flow of information to our readers. Our goal is to provide as much detail as possible to philatelists. Hope it helps.

  5. what is the use of showing list when nobody can read. just simple delete it will be better

    1. Dear Mr. Singh: Like it was indicated earlier, click on the images. These images contain detailed information, not necessarily available in one place. We do respectfully request for patience and calm. Let's work together to improve stamp collecting. Thanks.