Sunday, May 15, 2016

Stamp Releases at World Stamp Show - NY2016

Update (17 May 2016)
Here are the remaining images of the stamps to be released at the stamp show in New York City in a couple weeks.
World Stamp Show-NY2016 Stamp Folio
Repeal of the Stamp Act,1766 Souvenir Sheet
Service Cross Medals Souvenir Sheet
View of Our Planets (Pane of 16 stamps)
Pluto - Explored! Stamps Souvenir Sheet
Classics Forever Stamps Souvenir Sheet
Colorful Celebrations (Double-sided pane of 20 stamps)
Update (15 May 2016)
Stamp releases are planned for almost all days of the stamp show. Two of stamp issues, World Stamp Show-NY2016 two stamp folio and Classics Forver (6 designs) will only be available online at or at the stamp show. Below is the list of stamps to be released in New York City.

May 28 – World Stamp Show-NY 2016 (Folio of 24 stamps, 2 designs)
May 29 – Repeal of the Stamp Act (Souvenir sheet of 10 stamps, one design)
May 30 – Honoring Extraordinary Heroism: The Service Cross Medals (Souvenir sheet of 12 stamps, 4 designs)
May 31 – Pluto – Explored! (Souvenir sheet of 4 stamps, 2 designs)
May 31 – Views of Our Planets (Pane of 16 stamps, 8 designs)
June 1 – Classics Forever (Souvenir sheet of 6 stamps, 6 designs)
June 2 – National Parks (Pane of 16 stamps, 16 designs)
June 3 – Colorful Celebrations (Booklet of 20 stamps, 10 designs)

New York City will host the World Stamp Show from 28 May 2016 onward. New stamp releases are planned for most of the days. A set of 16 stamps to commemorate 100 years of National Parks Service will be issued on 02 June. Here's a list of the National Park stamps, their locations and the USPS stamp pane. Will post other stamps that will be released during the stamp show soon.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

International Stamp Shows in United States

Every decade in the last 100 years an international philatelic exhibition has been organized in the United States. These exhibitions were mostly held in years ending in 6 or 7, for e.g. 1926 or 1997. This is to coincide with the year 1847 when the first stamp was issued by United States. The first international stamp show was held in 1913 and the most recent one was in 2006. The next edition is coming up soon, the 11th one, to be held in New York City (May-Jun 2016). Looking forward to the souvenir sheets and stamps to released at the event later this year. Four new stamp issues viz. intaglio version of the two NY2016 stamps (2 panes of 12 stamps), View of our Planets (Pane of 16 stamps), Pluto - Explored (Souvenir sheet of 4) and Repeal of the Stamp Act (Pane of 10) are planned to be released during the World Stamp Show - New York City 2016. Below is a tabulated list of the dates and locations of all the international philatelic exhibitions. Also shown are some of the stamps and souvenir sheets released to commemorate these stamp exhibitions.