Sunday, January 22, 2017

United States Stamps 2016: Favorite Stamp Poll

Choose your favorite (best design or subject) postage stamp issued by United States Postal Service in 2016. This poll will remain until 28th February 2017.
Choose your favorite stamp design/subject of 2016
Quilled Paper Heart
Columbia River Gorge
La Cueva Del Indio
Botanical Art
United States Flag
Richard Allen
Year of the Monkey
The Moon
Saran Vaughan
Shirley Temple
USA Nonprofit Org
World Stamp Show NY-2016
Repeal of the Stamp Act, 1766
The Service Cross Medals
View of Our Planets
Pluto - Explored!
Classics Forever
National Parks
Colorful Celebrations
Indiana Statehood
Eid Greetings
Soda Fountain Favorites
Star Quilts
Jaime Escalante
Pickup Trucks
Henry James
Songbirds in Snow
Patriotic Spiral
Star Trek
Eastern Tailed-Blue Butterfly
Jack O'Lanterns
Holiday Windows
Wonder Woman
Christmas (15th c. Florentine)
Christmas (Nativity)

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