Sunday, September 8, 2019

BetterPhilately Wishlist for India Post Stamps

Update (08 Sep 2019): Some of the stamps on my wish list have been issued recently. I've added some more subjects and details that I hope are considered when finalizing the stamp issues over the next few years.

Update (23 Jun 2019): I've been making minor updates to this list. A few of the stamps on the wish list have been getting approved, so that's a cool thing. I'm hoping India Post takes input from stamp collectors in building out the stamp issue program for the next several years and keeps the average cost for collectors somewhat manageable.

Original Post (04 Oct 2018): This post will be a source to aggregate stamp subject suggestions or ideas that India Post can use to design stamp programs for future years. I have posted some of this information in couple of other posts and on the twitter feed as well. The list is simply organized by year, and separately lists some other personalities, events and themes that I'd like to see being issued as postal stamps. Feel free to leave your ideas in the comments section below. When I make modifications, those will all be mentioned at the bottom of this post.

19th Kushok Bakula Rinpoche
Acharya Bodhidharma
Air Force Marshal Arjan Singh
B. K. S. Iyengar
Bhairon Singh Shekhawat (Approved)
Chandrakant T. Patel
Dhanraj Bhagat
L. L. Narayan
Laxmanrao Inamdar
Ramanand Sagar
Sikander Bhakt
Srimant Sankardev
Vinda Karandikar

100 Years of Kheda Movement
100 Years of Sabarmati Ashram
The Maihar Band (100 Years)
The Yoga Institute, Mumbai (100 Years)

Amrita Pritam
Chandrashekhar Saraswati Mahaperiyavar
Guru Nanak Dev (550th Parkash Utsav)
I. K. Gujral
Kasturba Gandhi (75th Death Anniversary)
Maharani Gayatri Devi
Maniram Dewan
Raja Todarmal
Rana Kumbha (600th Birth Anniversary)
Shivmangal Singh Suman
Sudhir Phadke
Vijaya Raje Scindia (Approved)

50 Years of Commercial Nuclear Power – Tarapur
50 Years of Rajdhani Express
50th International Film Festival of India (Approved)
150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi (1869-2019) - Approved
Auckland House School, Shimla
CMC Ludhiana
Doordarshan (60 Years)
High Court of Punjab & Haryana Centenary
ISRO - Golden Jubilee (Magalyaan, Chandrayan and Vikram Sarabhai)
International Labor Organization Centenary (Approved)
La Martiniere Girls’ College, Lucknow (150 Years)
Margazhi Music Season (Brahma & Thyaga Brahma Gana Sabhas)
Rajkumar College, Rajkot (150 Years)
Sherwood College, Nainital

Pandurang Shastri Athavle
Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
36th International Geological Congress
Modern School, New Delhi
Shiromani Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee
Conference of the Parties to Convention on Migratory Species

75 Years of India's Independence
India-Bangladesh: Joint Issue (50 & 75 Years of Independence)

Other Events & Organizations
Bishop Cotton School, Bengaluru
Bombay Scottish School, Mumbai
Gir Wildlife Sanctuary

Thematic Issues
Ancient Universities - Nalanda, Vikramshila, Takshashila, Odantapuri, Vallabhi, Nagarjunkonda
Art & Culture
Caves - Ajanta, Borra, Ellora, Elephanta, Kanheri, Badami, Bhimbhetka, Kandagiri, Undavalli, Udayagiri
Dams and Reservoirs
Famous Libraries - Allahabad Public, Saraswathi Mahal, Amar Mahal, Asiatic Society Mumbai, Goa, Kerala, Karnataka and Telangana State Central libraries
Festivals - Kullu Dussehra, Holi, Chhath Festival, Janmashtami (Krishna Jayanti), Baisakhi, Raksha Bandhan, Ganesh Utsav, Eid Mubarak
Horses - Spiti and Kati
Iconic Railway Bridges
Indian Lakes - Bhoj Tal, Chilika, Dal Lake, Damdama, Hussain Sagar, Loktak, Naini Tal, Nal Sarovar, Pichola, Pushkar Lake, Sambhar, Suraj Tal, Vembanad, Wular
Indian Perfumes - Musk, Saffron, Khus, Kewra, Vetiver, Champa
Indian Traditions
Joint Stamp Issues with Australia, Bhutan, Germany, Nigeria, Oman, Switzerland, UK, UAE, USA
Jyotirlinga Temples (12 designs)
Landmark Bridges - Dhola Sadiya, Bogibeel
Luxury Trains - Palace on Wheels, Deccan Odyssey, Golden Chariot, Maharajas Express
Master Healers of AYUSH - Rajendra Lal Dutta, P. S. Varier
Museums of India
Natural Heritage - National Parks and Tiger Reserves
Post Office Heritage Buildings - Patna GPO, Bhagalpur HPO, PTC Darbhanga, Mandi HPO, Panaji HPO, Amritsar HPO, Darjeeling HPO, Varanasi HPO, Circle Offices in Bengaluru, Lucknow and Trivandrum
Railway Station Buildings
Social Causes - Blood donation, Organ donation, Heart health, Child safety, Prevent child mortality, Epilepsy awareness
Textiles - Chanderi, Maheshwari, Paithani, Jamdani, Kota, Sambalpuri, Angami Weaves, Tat
Toy Trains - Neral Matheran Railway, Nilgiri Mountain Railway

Other Personalities
Ashok Singhal
Babasaheb Apte
Banda Singh Bahadur
B. D. Jatti
Balasaheb Thackarey
Balasheb Deoras
Balraj Madhok
Chinmayananda Saraswati
Dattopant Thengadi
Dadu Dayal
Dr. Muthulakshmi Reddy
Dayanand Saraswati
Eknath Ranade
Gopal Swarup Pathak
Ghulam Sarwar
J. Jayalalithaa
Kaka Hathrasi
K. R. Narayanan
Khushabhau Thakre
Madhukar Rao Bhagwat
Makhanlal Chaturvedi
Marnopant Pingley
Mohammad Hidayatullah
M. S. Golwalkar
N. Sanjeeva Reddy
P. V. Narasimha Rao
Pandurang Kane
Rajendra Singh
Ramchandra Das Paramhans
Sachchidananda Vatsyayan 'Agyeya'
Satguru Ram Singh
Shivmangal Singh Suman
Sita Ram Goel
Siyaram Sharan Gupt
Swami Abhedananda
Swaraj P. Gupta
V. P. Singh
Jnanpith Award Winners
Cartoonists - Sudhir Pillai, Abu Abhraham, Mario Miranda
Musicians/Singers - G. M. Durrani, Mahendra Kapoor, P. B. Sreenivas

Issued by India Post
150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi (02 Oct 2018)
200 Years of Paika Rebellion (24 Dec 2018)
Atal Bihari Vajpayee (Special definitive on 25 Dec 2018)
Mahamati Prannath (25 Jan 2019)
Vedanta Desikan (01 May 2019)
Jallianwala Bagh Incident Centenary (13 Apr 2019)
Maharshi Mahesh Yogi (30 Aug 2019)
Master Healers of AYUSH - Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Vaidya Shastri Shankar Daji Pade, Vaidya Bhaskara Vishwanath Gokhale, Vaidyabhushanam K Raghavan Thirumulpad, Rajvaidya Shri Brihaspati Dev Triguna, Swami Kuvalayananda, Hakim Md. Abdul Aziz Lakhnawi, Vaidya Yadavji Trikamji Acharya, Dr. Dinshaw Mehta, T. V. Sambasivam Pillai (30 Aug 2019)
Accessible Elections (Election Commission) (MyStamp 13 Apr 2019)
Queen Heo Hwang-ok - Suriratna (30 Jul 2019)


  1. I have been following your blog from last one year. Which I find very helpful and also interesting.
    I would like to suggest name of Mr G D Madgulkar, famous marathi writer, composer of GeetRamayan, whose birth centenary come in 2019.

  2. Thanks for the encouragement. Do let me know what type of content you'd like to see posted here. I will look up GD Madgulkar and try and include in the wishlist. BP

  3. Thank you for your reply. You give details of a stamp with its content, stamp designer. Please continue with it. Two more persons on whom stamp has not released yet..P V Kane (Bharat Ratna 1963), P Jairaj (Dadasaheb Phalke award 1980)

    1. I will keep this in consideration when updating the wish lists. Thanks, BP

  4. In my opinion every President of India deserve to be honoured with two stamps like earlier days. One while they are in office is must.
    Secondly is it not appropriate that ex president Hon'ble Neelam Sanjeeev Reddy is honoured with one stamp at least or is he consigned to oblivion due to his opposition to emergency.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I agree with issuing a stamp on Neelam Sanjeeva Reddy as well as K. R. Narayanan, two remaining Presidents without a stamp. BP


    1. My apologies for not posting regular updates last 3-4 months. Please also follow BetterPhilately on Twitter, I'm quite active on there. Anyways, I'm back on the blog as well. Thanks for the feedback. BP

  6. Im surprised. Our country is RICH in flora and fauna..Which is getting destroyed along with acres of forests in the nane of development. Its teeming with wildlife, so many of which we dont even know..The nilgiri marten, pangolin, Civet cat etc. Apart from peacock and tiger, Id LOVE to see more (good quality) fauna/flora stamps. Maybe a sheetlet with 6-10 stamps would be great..Im tired of people and arts/crafts stamps. That's all we have.

    1. Totally agreed. Nicely done Flora and Fauna stamps would be good to see. Could it be based on the climate regions of the country or even the biospheres and hotspots? Something like the United States Nature of America series? BP

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Oh I'm glad you understand and thanks for replying. Yes,those biosphere ones are gorgeous isn't it?. 😍 I was thinking, almost everybody are into photography these days..if India post could run a photography competitions (I'm not a fan of stamp issued based on children's drawing competitions) would help direct regular peoples' interest to stamps too. And we can have those gorgeous sheets like the USAs' wild and scenic rivers, cloudscapes etc. Or Finlands' landscape ones..I wish so hard for those lovelies!!

  7. Request to follow up for issue of stamp on Paramacharya Chandrasekarendra Saraswati swami of Kanchi Matt.

  8. Joint stamp issue with Thailand as we have completed 70 years of Diplomatic Relations.

  9. Joint issue with Thailand as we have completed 70 years of Diplomatic Relations.