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Papua New Guinea - India Joint Stamp Issue

Update (04 Feb 2018): Papua New Guinea stamps finally arrived in late-January. PNG Post is selling individual stamps, miniature sheet and first day covers along with stamps from India as well. I've noticed several different images of the Indian version of the stamps, mainly differences in denominations that may have been planned earlier. This joint stamp issue had been pending issuance for almost 2 years prior and it's possible that PNG Post had some old images of the Indian stamps. Anyways, see all the images below.
India-Papua New Guinea: Joint Stamp Issue (2017). The stamp designs appear to have been finalized in 2016 with various different denominations for the two stamps (Top and middle). Finally, the stamps were printed as shown above (bottom)
Papua New Guinea stamps from PNG-India Joint Stamp Issue (2017). The Bird of Paradise stamp was issued in two denominations.
Update (15 Jan 2018): As many of you may have noticed, the joint issue between Papua New Guinea and India Post was hurriedly issued on 30th December 2017. Since the stamps were already printed, it looked like India Post went ahead and put them out for sale before end of the year. I've also learned that the Indian government printed stamps for Papua New Guinea Post as well, but as of 15th Jan all the stamps haven't arrived in Port Moresby yet and that's why not made available for purchase. Stamp designs that were first reported on BetterPhilately in November 2016 have not changed and are a good set for thematic collectors as well. I'm posting an image of the Indian version below as well.
Update on 17 Dec 2016: PNG Post has posted an update on its website rescheduling the release date for this joint stamp issue to 03rd April 2017. This happens to be exactly one year after the originally planned released for April 2016. See the links below for these updates.

PNG Post -
New article -

Update on 14 Dec 2016: This joint issue is likely postponed to 2017 or indefinitely. Papua New Guinea has taken off the stamps from its pending released for 2016 and India Post has obviously not confirmed the issue date so far. Stay tuned for more on this.

Update on 24 Nov 2016: Papua New Guinea will also release individual stamps for each bird. Denomination for the peacock stamp appears to be same (K1.45), but the Bird of Paradise stamp will likely be issued in two denominations (K6.60 and K10.00). Higher denomination stamp will be on the souvenir sheet and K6.60 denomination appears to be part of the stamp set.

Original Post: India and Papua New Guinea (PNG) are likely to issue a joint stamp issue in the next few weeks. This stamp issue was originally scheduled for release in late September, but has been delayed numerous times. This stamp issue was rescheduled for release on 22nd November, but has likely been postponed again. The new release date is not known yet.

Both the countries will commemorate their relationship on two stamps by depicting the National Birds of Papua New Guinea and India; Peacock and Bird of Paradise, respectively. Artwork for the souvenir sheet from PNG Post Office can be seen below. PNG Post will also release two stamps along with the souvenir sheet. Details from India Post are still awaited.
Papua New Guinea-India: Joint Issue
PNG Post Souvenir Sheet

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