Saturday, February 6, 2016

India - UN Joint Stamp Issue 2016

Update (27 Feb 2016): And here's the image for the Indian version of the stamps. This completes the joint issue between India Post and UN Postal Administration. Wish the vernacular words were not a transliteration on the Indian stamps, but nevertheless good to see this venture go through successfully so far. Happy Women's Day!
Indian and United Nations Stamps - HeForShe (UN Women)

A joint stamp issue between United Nations and India Post is scheduled for release on 08th March this year. The joint issuance will highlight the role boys and men can play in increasing gender equality and women's rights. UN Women with their #HeForShe campaign is leading an effort to create awareness in society to address this pressing human rights issue. Designs for six stamps to be issues by United Nations Postal Administration are now available, but the India Post's design have not been released yet. A joint FDC will also be issued by UNPA ( Mirko Ilic is credited as the sole artist and designer for the UN stamps, whereas typically joint issues include artists from both participating organizations/countries. Anyway, this appears to be a good subject to print special stamps and that too in a joint issue. Even in 2015, India Post had issued four stamps on Women Empowerment. Designs for these stamps were prepared with crowd-sourced paintings.
UN-India Joint Stamp Issue (FDC)
Each of the UN stamps are being issued in sheets of 20 stamps printed at Lowe Martin (Canada). More information for this joint issue will be added as it becomes available.


  1. I don't think India will crowdsource the theme of these stamps. These stamps design need to be really good to match the UN standards!!

  2. What an ugly design for a stamp issue!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!