Saturday, January 2, 2016

It's a wrap! Brief notes for stamp releases in 2015

Now that the calendar year is over, a rundown of some stamp facts seems in order.

India Post

Stamps: A total of 56 commemorative/special stamps were released in 2015. This marks an increase of 20 stamps over the last year (2014). This total of 56 stamps includes a set of 6 hot foil embossed stamps issued as a miniature sheet format only to commemorate the 3rd India-Africa Forum Summit and one Indian stamp issued in a souvenir sheet format by Singapore Post to celebrate 50 years of diplomatic relations between India and Singapore. 

Miniature Sheets: 11 miniature sheets including the hot foil embossed miniature sheet (3rd India-Africa Forum Summit) and the Siamese twin souvenir sheet issued by Singapore Post. It is not clear if some of the major catalogs will include this souvenir sheet, but it appears to include a valid Indian postage stamp and thus important for India stamp collectors.

MyStamps: A total of 4 MyStamps including 3 in the Gujarat theme and one to commemorate Godavari Pushkaram in Rajahmundry were issued in 2015.

Sheetlets & Se-tanants: The 2 sheetlets that were made available were both for the MyStamp issues (Gujarat & Godavari Pushkaram 2015). Only two se-tenants, both were from the Gujarat MyStamp sheetlet.

United States Postal Service

Stamps: A total of 81 commemorative, definitive and special stamps were released in 2015. Face value of commemorative stamps was approximately 13 dollars whereas the cost to procure one of each definitive and special stamp was 26.1 dollars. If there are discrepancies in the total number of stamps and their face value, leave a comment below.

Se-tenants:  The following 12 stamps were issued as se-tenants. Forever Hearts (2); Water Lilies (4); Martin Ramirez (5); Civil War 1865 (2); Gifts of Friendship (2 x 2); Medal of Honor: Vietnam War (3); Coastal Birds (4); Summer Harvest (4); 2016 World Stamp Show NY (2); A Charlie Brown Christmas (10) and Geometric Snowflakes (4)

Booklets: Only 4 booklets (each containing 20 stamps) were issued. These were Water Lilies, Summer Harvest, A Charlie Brown Christmas and Geometric Snowflakes.

Print quantities: This was seemingly an important feature of U. S. postage stamps in 2015. There were 10 stamp issues that were printed in quantities less than 20 million. Smallest quantities were printed for $2 patriotic wave stamp (10 million) and the largest quantity was printed for the Stars & Stripes Presorted standard Coils of 10,000 (1 billion stamps).


  1. What are mystamps and where do you get that. I don't see that listed under website

  2. MyStamps are personalized/customized postage stamps issues by India Post since 2011. These are generally issued in sheetlets of 12, with a label along with the stamp itself. This label can be printed with a personal photograph or anything else. It is worth including these in the overall number of stamps because most official catalogs are starting to list these stamps for a post-independence complete stamp collection of India stamps.

    Do visit this link to see some pictures: