Saturday, November 14, 2015

Happy Dipavali or Deepavali?

Festivities for Diwali are winding down and this appeared to be a good time to draw attention to this glaring spelling error (Hindi spelling) in the Diwali stamp released by India Post in October 2008. This stamp spells Deepavali in English correctly, but when the Hindi script is transliterated to English, it reads Dipavali. The word Deepavali includes 'Deep' or lamp. It cannot be spelled as 'Dipavali' because 'Dip' has no meaning in Hindi. Another Deepavali stamp, a joint issue with Israel, celebrating the festival of lights was released in 2012. For good reason, the Hindi spelling was corrected this time around. Spelling Deepavali in Hindi is generally taught in elementary school, so it isn't a difficult error to miss.

दिपावली (Reads Dipavali) - Incorrect                                                                                     
दीपावली (Reads Deepavali) - Correct   

Anyways, Happy Diwali!

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